Technical Assistance

We provide our field partners with the expertise they need to deliver vitamins according to best practices for safety and health. 

training resources

Consistent and Sustainable Distribution

Through our network of field partners, we deliver vitamins to children and mothers who rely on the support of local nonprofits when national health services are unavailable. This approach maximizes efficiency, leverages local knowledge of community needs, and helps us to reach those most in need, but these grassroots organizations often require additional support beyond the vitamins we give to ensure that they can meet the nutritional needs of their community for years to come. 

To help local nonprofits build nutritional programs that are consistent and sustainable, we provide technical assistance based on their needs and the challenges for their region. We train and coach our partners on how to distribute our vitamins according to expert-approved best practices and provide them resources needed to monitor and evaluate their programs.  We provide: 

  • Support to field partner when a project is initiating
  • Six month check-ins, annual reporting and feedback
  • In-country training needs assessment and training plan per country
  • Yearly training courses 
  • Training materials (such as "How to" documents, training videos and PowerPoints)
  • Facilitator Development
  • Tools for on-site monitoring
  • Fact sheets  
  • Support to product manufacturers 

By providing this technical assistance, we ensure that children and mothers will safely receive vitamins and gain nutritional literacy no matter they live. Additionally, by assisting local nonprofits in growing their skills and expertise, we help them to bolster the foundation they need to continue providing nutritional support to their communities for years to come.