Improving Children’s Nutrition in the UK

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We provide healthy supplemental food, free of charge, to children at nutritional risk.

Vitamin Angels UK is proud to partner with National Day Nurseries Association (NDNA) who, with the support of eighteen participating nurseries, are helping 1,600 children from low-income families have access to healthy and nutritious foods each day.

Having access to vital nutrients is crucial to development and a healthy immune system, especially in the first five years of a child’s life. Every week, each of the participating nurseries receive deliveries of self-selected fruits, vegetables, and protein-rich foods in packets that are designed to contribute to a quality diet.

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Everyone, everywhere, is entitled to a healthy start to life, which is why, at Vitamin Angels UK, we dedicate our efforts to improving nutrition during early childhood.

Proper nutrition in this critical period lays the foundation for optimal growth and development. We are proud to collaborate with the National Day Nurseries Association (NDNA) to serve children from low-income communities who are at nutritional risk. Through our partnership, we provide self-selected fruits, vegetables, and protein-rich foods to eighteen participating nurseries every week. This offering contributes to a balanced diet by enhancing existing nutrition services and reducing instances of inadequate and excessive nutrient intake.

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A Tale of Two Nurseries

Two UK nurseries are now reaching more than a thousand children annually with a supplementary feeding programme.

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How Carol Makes Mealtime Meaningful

Carol, the cook at Grass Roots Private Day Nursery in Sowerby Bridge, UK, pours her heart into preparing nutritious meals for the children.

Photo of an outdoor garden that uses tires as plant holders

Planting the Seeds for Behaviour Changes

The Little Village Nursery is helping children and their families learn about healthy eating through play, cooking, and gardening.

Global Impact

We’re happy to support the efforts of Vitamin Angels Global to create a healthier world for every mother, every child, everywhere.

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