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How Can You Engage with the Vitamin Angels UK Community?

Vitamin Angels UK fights for a world where every child gets a chance at a healthy life, and everyone – including you – can play a role in building a healthier future.

We offer an effective, flexible, and business-focused opportunity to bring your company’s mission, vision, and corporate responsibility goals to life. Vitamin Angels UK tailors powerful cause marketing programmes to align — measurably — with your goals. Proven, fully customizable, and simple to set in motion, our partnerships are just as effective for brands as they are for retailers.

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You can help improve the health and futures of children with Vitamin Angels UK—donate to our cause or share our mission on social media. Your contribution helps every child thrive. Click below to make a difference or spread the word about our work with your followers.

Become a Programme Partner

At this time, we are not accepting grant applications in the UK. Please check back later, and thank you for your interest.