"No level of food insecurity among children is acceptable."

National Childhood Nutrition Day is a new observance, launched by Vitamin Angels UK in 2021. Every year on 9th June, join us as we raise awareness and funds to tackle childhood food insecurity crisis in the UK.

“Although the general availability of food is not a problem … too many families struggle to satisfy their children’s nutritional needs.”[1]

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What is Food Insecurity?

"The lack of secure access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food that can ensure normal growth and development, as well as an active and healthy lifestyle."[1]

Vitamin Angels UK delivers nutrient-rich supplemental foods to nurseries in the UK.

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“We’re so proud of our program in partnership with Vitamin Angels UK because we’re able to provide so many nutrient-dense foods for children, who would otherwise go without.” Natasha White, Brand Marketing and Corporate Partnerships Manager, National Day Nurseries Association

[1] UNICEF Office of Research (2017). ‘Building the Future: Children and the Sustainable Development Goals in Rich Countries’, Innocenti Report Card 14, UNICEF Office of Research – Innocenti, Florence.